How It Works

The Teach-N-Towel golf training aid is designed to improve your game by teaching proper set-up, alignment and ball placement.

Golf Training Aid

Simply lay the Teach-N-Towel on the ground. The towel has color-coded foot and ball placement guides for DRIVE, IRONS & PITCH, CHIP and PUTT. It’s a great tool for learning the fundamentals and will help you memorize the proper feel for all the shots necessary to succeed on the course.

Follow the guides to obtain the proper set-up, alignment and ball position. All Teach-N-Towel product is available in RIGHT or LEFT hand versions.Before you know it, you'll be hitting like the pros!

Don't forget, the Teach-N-Towel is also a high quality golf towel. Durable and machine washable, it will withstand hours and hours of practice on the range. After, simply hang on your bag with the handy bag hook. It’s also a great tool to use in the office or at home to reinforce the proper techniques for your success on the course.

The Teach-N-Towel will make you more comfortable, more consistent and more confident in your golf game.

Proper Golf AlignmentDesigned by PGA Professionals

The Teach-N-Towel design is based on time tested proven fundamentals. You WILL learn the proper techniques for SET-UP, ALIGNMENT and BALL PLACEMENT for a variety of golf shots.

The simple alignment and position allows the golfer's hips and shoulders to properly strike the ball.

SET-UP: Proper posture is the foundation for hitting successful golf shots. Setting up in a powerful position to execute each golf shot is critical to your success. The Teach-N-Towel Instructional Booklet shows you in 4 simple steps how to achieve proper posture. It has never been so simple to learn and I guarantee it’s the most effective way to get you Set-Up for success on the course.

ALIGNMENT: The Black Alignment Line on the leading edge of the towel guarantees you get your body properly aligned to execute “on target” golf shots. Once the target line is established, lay your Teach-N-Towel down with the Black Alignment Line parallel to your target line. As you step onto your towel by placing your feet into the shot specific foot placements, simple adjust your hips and shoulders in a position parallel to the Black Alignment Line for a perfect alignment position for your shot.

BALL PLACEMENT: Proper ball placement in relation to your set-up position is critical to achieving proper impact. Consistent ball placement is also one of the most effective ways to improve consistent golf ball flight. Golfers greatly underestimate the importance of ball position; and from years of teaching the game, I assure you it tops the list of mistakes golfers make. Through the repeated use of your Teach-N-Towel you will learn to visualize the proper ball placement for all your shots. Each Ball Placement indicator is color coded to match a set of foot placements for each specific shot. Place the ball off the towel directly across from the matching colored circle for your desired shot and you will achieve the proper ball placement for that specific shot.

PROPER SET-UP, ALIGNMENT and BALL PLACEMENT has never been so simple – I guarantee it!


Instruction Manual

Instruction Manual

Click here to download the Teach-N-Towel instruction manual for a detailed description of how the Teach-N-Towel works!

Great for Junior Programs!

Junior Golf

The Teach-N-Towel is a popular choice for junior golf programs across the country. Kids love it!


The Teach-N-Towel Jr. is perfect for young golfers who need help with the basic fundamentals of set-up, alignment and ball placement.


Golf Pros Love Teach-N-Towel

"Use the Teach-N-Towel to learn the skills necessary to improve your golf game, and more importantly enjoy the experience."

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