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Teach-N-Towel was created by Charlie Levis, PGA Teaching Professional. Charlie would use a golf towel that he had marked up during his lessons to help students with proper alignment and set up. The technique was simple and very effective.

In 2008, Charlie launched the Teach-N-Towel product to the golf market. Shortly after, he introduced the Junior and Ms. Teach-N-Towel. The product continues to receive high praise from golf professionals and golfers around the country.

Charlie Levis, PGA ProfessionalAbout Charlie Levis
Charlie has been a member of the PGA since 1998 and is a very passionate about teaching the game of golf. A Native of Ft. Worth Texas, Charlie has held various positions at several well known facilities including The Minikahda Club and The Pines at Grandview Lodge.

He received the 2003 Minnesota PGA Assistant Professional of the Year Award while at The Minikahda Club. Charlie enjoys teaching the game of golf to everyone. He focueses on the basics and solid fundamentals for each skill level. Charlie knows that a player's improvement is directly related to their enjoyment of the game.



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Photo Gallery

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The Teach-N-Towel Jr. is perfect for young golfers who need help with the basic fundamentals of set-up, alignment and ball placement.


Golf Pros Love Teach-N-Towel

"Use the Teach-N-Towel to learn the skills necessary to improve your golf game, and more importantly enjoy the experience."

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